Automatic Beam Blocker

A beam blocker (BB), also known as "beam shutter", is a device used to block / unblock a light beam while the source power stays on. In this post, I will present how to implement an extremely cheap and simple Automatic Beam Blocker (ABB) that can be used to block a low power laser beam.… Read More »

Product Theorem for Gaussian Functions

It is a well known fact in mathematics that the product of two Gaussian functions is also a Gaussian function. In this post I want to present this result for future reference for me and for anyone who might find it useful. The product theorem for Gaussian functions states that the product of two overlapping… Read More »

How to communicate with Arduino using a command table

There are thousands of examples in the web showing how easy is to communicate with an Arduino board using the serial port. In this post, I would like to go one step forward and show how to communicate using a command table which is a method used by many commercial devices that allow communicating effectively… Read More »